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A devoted Professional, dedicating every second of my work to perfection...
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Located in San Diego, California and continuously working on a variety of projects, involving graphic design, UX/UI design, web development, product packaging, illustration and photography serving a wide variety of industries.

Branding & Identity
SEO Optimization
Graphic Design
Web Development
Art Direction
Content Management



My design process begins with pencil on paper. Sketches, mind maps and competitive analysis about the business, give life to a new brand identity.

Design Process
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My Approach

Generating ideas that alter perception. Driven by the desire to make a lasting impact, creating experiences that change the way people interact with brands – and with each other.

Meet Ericka

Creative & Functional Design is my passion.

Ericka Arguedas - Web Developer

Ericka began her professional career as a Graphic Designer/Assistant for U.S.Capital, a Sports & Entertainment Company located in San Diego. She was able to gain vast experience, creating a wide-variety of print design, video production and web design. With U.S. Capital, She had the opportunity to travel and represent the company in China, helping to create collegiate sports leagues for China’s top Universities, which was an unbelievable opportunity. Being the adventurous type, She took an opportunity to work in the Film Industry as a Location/Production Assistant for Blumhouse Productions. She helped manage a variety of movie locations, accommodating all film crew, departments and cast on the movie set. She’s worked on 5 movies in total, which has really given her a real inside-look of the production process. Ericka is also an avid photographer, her work having been published in the Wall Street Journal and other advertising pieces across the nation. She currently works at Home Junction Inc, a real estate data application development and real estate marketing/data licensing company that caters to the needs of Realtors across the United States. Ericka’s UI Design, Web Design and Marketing knowledge is always up to speed with the latest trends and her Graphic Design skills are second-to-none.  

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