Abandon Asylum Series

Working on the production of a Hollywood horror film “Insidious 2” in March 2013, inspired me to create this body of HDR photograhy work. Shot on set at Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles, the series “Abandon Asylum” portrays the chaos of the place after being shut down due to countless malpractice deaths. The dramatic theme, depth perspective of the long halls, old hospital equipment props, textures and natural light created the perfect environment for the shoot. Conquering the fear of exploring this supposedly haunted place and focusing on the task at hand was exhilarating and definitely rewarding.

  • Malpractice


  • Room of Despair

    Room of Despair

  • Little Girl's Crib

    Little Girl's Crib

  • The Third Floor

    The Third Floor

  • The Way Out

    The Way Out


This room at Linda Vista Community Hospital truly portrays the amount of bloodshed, suffering and loss of life that went on at the facility.


The abandoned rooms at Linda Vista Community Hospital produce a sense of fear. One can only imagine what went on during the medical procedures and the afflictions that the patients suffered. 


A little girl has been seen, heard and felt roaming around Linda Vista Community Hospital. It is said that she makes her presence known by holding preferably men’s hands or making a humming noise.


Famous for its paranormal activity, many Linda Vista Community Hospital’s visitors felt the presence of a woman lurking around this floor. She wears a long white dress and usually introduces herself by tapping their shoulders.


The eerie long halls at Linda Vista Community Hospital play with your imagination, creating the expectation to see something or someone along the way, inside the many rooms or at the end of the hall as you exit.